Issue when exporting from GAEA to UE4

Good afternoon, I ran into a problem when exporting a RAW file from the landscape generator program to the Unreal Engine 4. I don’t quite understand why it is displayed normally in the GAEA generator, but in UE4 it is exported as if it were needles in the landscape?

same here.

Also stuck on this.
I suspect something with the export
Maybe combine is not the correct export (in my case my last node is combine)

what node are you actually using for heightmap - combine? you should use the last one that has an impact on terrain (probably the yellow one in your graph thats cut out of the image). also show me your export settings. I’ve been using gaea a lot with no problems

I am using the same one as above from this youtube video:

Any one any idea on how to fix this with the flow from the video?

Hi, as I understand, they do not know how to fix this on the GAEA forum, I asked, they could not answer me.

Good afternoon, I don’t quite understand why the Combine function should be installed. As I understand it, the height map is simply not set, so all the vertices stretch upwards in the direction of the normal?