Issue when building dedicated server

You are correct Lyrical this shouldn’t be a problem for us to develop in this engine. I hope we can all find something that works for everyone. Thanks IanBreeg for taking the time to make a tutorial video :slight_smile:

Is there a UE4Editor-Cmd.exe in your Binaries\Win64 and Binaries\Win32 folders?

Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?

Tutorial video is up and running. I’m not that experienced in this video-tutorials thing so any feedback is welcomed.

Thanks a lot ! Now I can build my dedicated server !

Really, thanks for taking time to record and upload this video.

Hi IanBreeg,

Much appreciated, This will benefit the entire community,
I have a post on Unreal Answer HUB I will also post here with you credited.

Thank you so much for taking the time.
I will give you some feedback also.

Thank you very much IanBreeg.
Your video helped :smiley:
Now i know what i did wrong.

Thanks you IanBreeg for making a video tutorial.

It explains step by step how to build a dedicated server.
Great job!

Regarding the linux server, I can’t for the life of me figure out why the “Linux” target isn’t available. I can build for win64 and win32, but can’t build for linux. I have the LINUX_ROOT set up properly and I’ve been able to compile the game binary in the editor, but can’t compile server in VS… I’m on 4.7.4 btw, anything I’m missing?

It is for sure too late but, for the record, after creating the target file, you have to drag and drop it alongside the other target files into Visual Studio solution explorer tab. Then close VS, and right click unreal project file to select ‘generate visual studio code files’. After that, you can get into VS and compile the project solution properly.

Didn’t read all posts but, also you must compile Unreal Engine from github’s UE source code, cause Server target compiling is only available from UE compiled from source, not available from Epi Games UE ready to use SDKs