Issue w Net Cull Distance Squared

I created a simple actor (sphere) in a new project and set it to replicated and NCDS to 30000.
I then spawn the actor into my level on the level BP begin play using SpawnActor.

When I start the level I do not see the actor because my Character is not within NCDS. This is as expected.
When I run up to within the NCDS the actor pops into view like it should. This is great!
But when I hang out for about 3 seconds (without moving in same location) the actor vanishes again. WTF?
If I then run outside of NCDS and come back into it the actor pops back into view - only for another 3 or so seconds.

This is 4.14. Anyone got any ideas on this?

Many Thanks,

NCDS is distance SQUARED - meaning your value of 30000 will mean it dissappears if it’s further than 173 units away (less than the height of a character).

You need to pick a distance, then square it - and enter it into that field.

Thanks for the reply Jamsh. I get the squared part, but I am definitely within 1.73 meters of the actor when it appears - otherwise why would it even appear? That doesn’t explain why it would pop up at all and then vanish again after 6 seconds (I timed it this time) without me moving anywhere. Any thoughts on that?

1.73 meters is a miniscule distance. To be honest it’s hard to diagnose the problem without the project!