ISSUE - Unable to import Solidworks 2020 parts with Datasmith


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but this is the issue…

Using UE4.24.1 I imported a Solidworks assembly and some of the parts didn’t come through (fasteners etc.). Tried importing again individual parts and nothing came through. Tried making a new part again in Solidworks 2020 and importing that… still nothing came through. Made the same part in Solidworks 2019 and imported part with no issue.

If there is a way to fix this would be great as when it works it works great for importing complex assemblies. Solidworks doesn’t allow opening 2020 files in 2019 so we are a bit stuck at the moment. Will try exporting to a different format then import that, but will add an extra step.



Did you ever figure this out?

I have this issue too with some of the files I’m trying to import. I am able to import the files fully in Maya using the SimLab, but in Unreal I receive warnings in the Output Log that says

Some files it’s missing more than others. It’s confusing as to what the cause is, because some of the model comes in, but some does not. I know I’m flying blind without being able to get into Solidworks, but I am able to vet the models with the SimLab plugin I’m evaluating.

CMTech, do you know how I can check the version of the Solidwork file without having a Solidworks license?