[Issue] Steam Client times out unless Host uses console command

Hi All,

This is an issue I’ve been struggling with for a couple of months. Our game hosts over Steam, and when the Host hosts a game (almost identical to ShooterGame’s logic), and then uses a console command (open <mapname>?game=FFA?Listen) then clients can connect without an issue.

Without the console command, the client attempts to connect to the session but times out. I’ve been looking through the engine code and cannot understand why when given the same URL through the open command the game will host and connect successfully, but without the console command, the same URL will result in the host being in a game with a visible session in search results, but the client will then just time out.

Any help would be really appreciated, here is the answerhub link: Steam Travel URL using default map instead of MapName in session settings - UE4 AnswerHub