[Issue] Static meshes stored inside actors cause lag/freezing while vertex painting 4.16


So for a project i’m working on, a blueprint was used to create modular buildings. These buildings are essentially an array of static meshes positioned around each other to form the shell of a building. Attempting to vertex paint on these after upgrading to 4.16 causes the scene to freeze for a second or so, and no vertex paint to transfer over unless the painting is done in single clicks. Clicking and dragging results in a prolonged freeze.

As a test, i constructed a building manually in the world with the same parts as used in the blueprint array, vertex painting on these is fine. If i select all of the mesh elements, and convert them to a single actor, i get lag/freezing when i paint on that actor. Similarly, if i create a blank actor, and create a building manually in there with static meshes, i get freezing/lag. The more static meshes in the actor, the greater the freeze/lag.

This is pretty much a game-breaker for me right now. It makes vertex painting impossible.

Hi Lee,

Sorry that this issue has been causing you trouble, however it has been addressed for the 4.16.1 hotfix!



Thanks for the quick response! Glad to hear there’s a fix coming soon =]

I’m getting this same issue in 4.20.3 anyone else still having this issue?