Issue some parts of my charchter's body are covered with black

Hi everyone,

the Issue : Black parts covering my character’s body as shown in file image attached .

i don’t know since 4.15 i’m experiencing degradation in overall Degradation in the quality of the view-port the shadows used to be sharper , Now when i get closer to objects i see blurred a shadows.

Thank you for helping me out if possible.

Black Parts on 3rd person character.jpg

There’s no image attached. I’m guessing though that you placed the character mesh into the level as a static mesh and that you baked the lighting–characters will be skeletal meshes rather than static meshes and that will then use dynamic lighting since they will need to be able to move around.

Hi darthviper107 ,

Thank you for helping me out , my fault i didn’t upload the image correctly but now the post is updated .

Note : in this situation i’m getting this error with a freshly installed unreal engine 4.15.1 and the first time i’m opening a third person template and this is the default character .

Note : previously in version 4.14.1 i did get a transparent parts , and Now in 4.15.1 a Black parts as shown in pictures. Please tell me what you think after the update Now. and thank you very much for responding .

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Seems like there’s something wrong between Unreal and your gpu drivers.

Hi BrUnO XaVIeR ,

Thank you for helping me out , my gpu driver is updated nothing wrong with it , but seems like my gpu no longer supports the engine ,it did up until 4.14 ,but now can’t handle 4.15.1 ,cause it’s intel 4400 hd graphics . it did well with previous versions of the engine . I discovered that after switching to shader model 4 in settings everything is fine but when swithching back to shader model 5 the black spots appear again and distorted shadows also . So i guess i have to use a more powerfull gpu machine .

Thank you for your response .
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