Issue rotating a object

I made a labyrynth, I merged all geometric objects togheter into one single labyrynth object
I made a blueprint with which I can rotate the labyrynth in game using the mouse, so that I can make it through with a sphere to the other side

The only problem is that the center of mass is on one corner of the labyrinth so when I rotate it, it rotates around the corner, its still playable but its kinda awkward so I changed the pivot using ALT+center mouse button and saved it as pivot offset for the object

Then saved, clicked on the object and the center was ok, right in the middle (it doesnt even have to be in the exact middle, it just has to not be awkward)

The I run the project and it rotates the same way, I checked and the pivot was right, also I used the editor to place a socket in the middle (idk how this works im new to UE4 lol) and also in the blueprint I deleted the reference to the labyrynth then place it again and conected everything maybe to update the blueprint but it wont work

So I don’t know how to put the center of mass in the center, anyone help?

Have a nice day and thanks in advance!

Are you sure that you mean “center of mass”? I always thought that this is being calculated automatically by UE4 (presumably from bounding box dimension?) and cannot be set in the original 3D-Program you are using. Do you mean the Origin (or Pivot Point) of the respective model? I guess that is what you mean. IF you really mean the CenterOfMass: You can add an offset in the properties of the StaticMesh or, alternatively, use a BlueprintNode to set it.

However, I think it SHOULD work if you set the origin/pivot correctly in your 3d software and export and import correctly. If not… Create a “null” object (or something like that), place it wherever you want to have the center of rotation and make it the SceneRoot (i.e. make your labyrinth a child of that object). Then, rotate not your labyrinth mesh but the object you have as parent.

No, I am not sure it is the center of mass, that was just the name I gave it, I didnt know how it was called.

Also that labyrinth I made it by merging actors in UE4 not with an external program, however I will make it again with blender and take your advice
Thank you!