issue replacing sequence actor with player character through binding

I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered an issue where they set up their player character to override an actor in a sequence through a character binding, and though the sequence recognizes the binding (and moves the player to the sequence actor’s location), it won’t override animation? I can’t seem to take a small enough pic to attach…but the setup is:

-trigger volume setup to interact with player
-get player character, disable input
-get sequence binding for sequence current actor and replace with player character
-play sequence
-re-enable input once sequence is finished

I’m pretty knew to blueprint, and was wondering if the way im going about this is optimal, and what i am missing to have the player char properly recognize the sequence.

Additionally, was wondering if there was a good way to go about finding the skeletal mesh actor associated with the player character, and use that in some form to drive the sequence instead?

Thank you!

We might need a bit more than that, since the Player Actor and the one referenced in the sequence might be different ? (Spawnable ?)

But you might try checking this :

At runtime, drag-drop the player actor from the outliner into the sequence, and then check if you can copy-paste the track(s) under it.

A binding can be successful, but it doesn’t means the tracks associated will work