Issue re-parenting a blueprint

So, recently I had to delete a C++ class that was a parent to a blueprint and I need to re-parent the blueprint to a new C++ class. Now that i’m trying to do this, the C++ class I made isn’t showing up in the list of available parent options. The blueprint needs to have a parent class of a pawn, but it’s stuck as an actor component.

When I went to edit the blueprint, it said it was missing its parent class, as I expected it would, but what I didn’t expect was to not be able to reassign the parent class to something I need.

Screen shots:

As you can see, I only have 15 options to re-parent to… I’ve got no idea what to do. The last thing I want to do is re-create the blueprint, but I’ll do it as a last resort.

Please do answer this, Epic Staff (or someone…). I also have issues with this. I made the mistake of renaming and refactoring all classes in C++ (no module renames…), and now my main player blueprint has no parent, and I can’t find any classes except UI classes in the search-dialog when trying to reparent it. I tried setting class-redirection names in DefaultEngine.ini, but to no avail.