Issue packaging (Resolved)

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Worked! Thx @Defuse_Studios!

How exactly do you set the DOTNET_ROOT environment variable @David.Sullins? Can you explain?

A few methods to set an environment variable in Windows are listed here How do I set system environment variables in Windows 10? - Super User

@David.Sullins I already did this before, using the “Advanced System Settings” option. When I go to the “Environment Variables” window “DOTNET_ROOT” is nowhere to be found (it isn’t listed when using the PowerShell method either). If I create a new environment variable, name it “DOTNET_ROOT” and then set it’s value to the path you mentioned earlier nothing happens. Absolutely no difference, still can’t package my Windows projects.

Can you show me your “Enviroment Variables” window (or a list of your environment variables)? It’s very strange that “DOTNET_ROOT” doesn’t exist for me.

Hello everyone, I have been struggling with the same problem.

Here is a screenshot of the the message I get under the packaging tool dropdown for windows:

And here is a screen shot from the output log.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Hi guys, I have the same problem as you and have tried all the solutions listed here. Unfortunately without success.

Screenshot 2021-05-29 002418

Strangely, it doesn’t show any version under “SDK Managment”, but it does under “All Devices” …

And when I try anyway, the following error messages come up:

Thanks in advance!

We seem to have very similar issues, I just hope that because the title of this thread now has ‘resolved’ added to it, that it doesn’t stagnate the discussion

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Thanks this worked for me.

Hi everyone, It is good to see that a lot of people have been able to find the solution on this thread. Unfortunately I am still struggling with this issue, an assistance would be much appreciated?

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I have also tried a few things and unfortunately nothing has helped…

The strangest thing is that my old PC seems to be just fine, but I still can’t package on my preferred workstation. Maybe a full uninstall, and then re-install might help. (only hoping)

In addition you might also need

The win 10 SDK - 10.0.19041.0


Thank you, that did resolve the issue for me.

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I don’t know why, but now it works for me too. I had installed this before, but it didn’t work then … maybe I was missing the combination with that and the SDK. Thanks a lot!

I ran into a similar error and after following the suggested solution and installing .NET 3.1 I was able to to begin a build. However it would fail and give me the error
“UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): ERROR: Could not find NetFxSDK install dir; this will prevent SwarmInterface from installing. Install a version of .NET Framework SDK at 4.6.0 or higher”.
This led me to this post which pointed me in the right direction.

If you’re still having issues after installing .NET 3.1 open up the Visual Studio Installer and click “Modify” from there open the “Individual Components” tab at the top and search for “.NET Framework 4.8 SDK” and install it. This immediately worked for me.

Working in 5.0.0 Early Access 2 and I am unable to package for Windows even after having all the correct SDK and dotnet installed and in the right places. You can see from the dropdown that the sdk is installed. Strangely it shows a different version on the device than is installed in editor. I have no idea what else to try. I can create windows builds just fine from 4.26 so its definitely just UE5 related.

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Thank you, this helped me with packaging a project that I’ve brought vom UE4.26.2 to UE5 and couldn’t package because of the ambiguous message “The SDK for Windows is not installed properly, which is needed to generate data. Check the SDK section of the Launch On menu in the main toolbar to update SDK.”

All WIndows 11 Users who are facing this problem must have the 2019 visual studio app installed with all c++ plugins and you must install the windows 10 sdk drivers here Windows 10 SDK - Windows app development. once the sdk drivers are installed, open unreal, click platforms, then click your pc to update sdk and restart. after that your projects should successfully package into your desired folder. This is what worked for me on windows 11

@OALANDFOX: Have you moved your project folder to the root of your harddrive? See here: Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial How to Package Your Game - YouTube