Issue on some UMaterialExpressions?

I had a problem creating a rotator but it looks there is a problem also with other nodes like Fresnel: Search results for '' - Epic Developer Community Forums

Nobody replied to them, is that a bug? Is there a workaround to do this? I tried
UMaterialExpressionRotator *Rotator = NewObject<UMaterialExpressionRotator>(UnrealMaterial);
as well as
UMaterialExpressionFresnel *Fresnel= NewObject<UMaterialExpressionFresnel >(UnrealMaterial);

it fails on linking (Error LNK2019)

but others like
UMaterialExpressionTextureCoordinate* TexcoordExpression = NewObject<UMaterialExpressionTextureCoordinate>(UnrealMaterial);
Work ok.

Thanks in advance.