[Issue] Non Uniform Scaling with multiple objects

Hey Guys.
I’ll try to explain my problems, I used “Array placement tools” on the market to “array” some objects in a circular way. No problem here.
But now i would like to scale all the objects in just one axe but i can’t doing this. Everything is moving in local, or
Some screen to explain that :

I tried a lot a things like “move them in a actor and scale the actor” 'start again with a pivot in the center of the world" … but nothing…
My only solution is “exporting in fbx, scaling, reimport” but i will have to many differents objects…

(sorry for my english)

That will depend on where the pivot is and what the orientation of the original object is

I tried to move the pivot a lot of time (in unreal and in blender), but it doesn’t work. :frowning:

once placed you could try merge them before scaling