Issue migrating content to another project

So I tried to copy a few materials from the Elemental Demo into a new project using migrate. It detected and exported all the dependencies for the material just fine, HOWEVER when I loaded it into the other project, the materials were not displaying their textures. When I opened up one of the materials in the material editor, the texture nodes had errors, I guess they couldn’t detect the file path or remember the original texture that was loaded.

So this brings up an important question, how do you move stuff around in general without breaking things? What if I want to change my folder structure in my game? Maybe its messy and needs to be reorganised.
In Unity, if I moved something, it updated everything that was dependent on it. Does UE4 not do the same?

To move stuff you can do it in two ways: :slight_smile:
The best way to change the folder structure is to do it in the content browser.

I’ve done this, but it also ends up creating a copy of said file and leaves it in the old location. In the content browser it only shows one folder, but in Window Explorer, it shows two asset files. If you don’t delete those files, they reload in the content browser when you open your project again.