[Issue] Level Editor Hesitates When Object Dragged

I’ve been building a map for my game. I was able to drag objects around smoothly until about two days ago. Now when I drag an object the outline moves as normal but upon release left click UE hangs/hesitates for what feels like .6 seconds then moves the object. I am unable to move my camera or mouse during the hang time but eventually all the inputs I pressed during the hang do happen when the hang ends.

My other projects with custom maps do not have this issue. Is there a setting within this issue project that I enabled via hotkey to cause this hesitation?

Did some troubleshooting. It seems the map I’m having issues with has become “too big”. I’ve been using bsp to build custom rectangular-esque buildings and I suppose it has reached a point that I notice bog-down though it does feel sudden.

Are there settings I can turn down to soften the resource demand?

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I got this same bogging issue going on in my map as well. Unreal Engine just dosen’t cut it with the Default BSP Tools. BSP geometry brushes are meant to be changed into Static Meshes, not meant to remain as BSP brushes in your level because they are not even optimize for engine use. And they’re terrible at causing hang time…Unreal has to render also that huge massive skysphere as well, if you’re doing an outdoors level so surely performance will be cut already when you have to add a skysphere into your map for rendering. and those things are huge. All that rendering that Unreal has to move around as well as rendering your map. So yes the engine suffers, its probably more sutiable for doing levels wiithout the skysphere to render.

thanks for the info. I am currently unsure when to convert the buildings to static meshes. Currently the plan is just to slap the buildings together to get their shapes, build the terrain around them, then texture, polish, and export to the project that will use the map.

This morning I switched the Editor settings back from Low to Epic quality and things slowly sped back up. The delay still exists but not nearly as bad; I even added more stuff to my map since last night too. ¯_(ツ)_/¯