[Issue]Left Stick setting rotation but Blueprint does not define that behavior

I’ve been following the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial and have come across an issue where my left stick is setting the character rotation but the blueprint I created isn’t set up to allow this. In the pictures attached, you can see I have mapped MoveUp and MoveRight to the left stick, which in the blueprint are setup to move the characters position in a direction. LookUp and LookRight are set to the right stick and are setup in the blueprint to set a rotation to the character.

When using the left stick to move the character, a rotation is set to the direction in which the character in moving. The simulation image shows this happening, while only using the left stick. This does not happen when mapping LookUp and LookRight to Keyboard arrow keys or the mouse. This seems to be an issue with the Xbox controller only.
Any help would be awesome. Thanks for reading my issue.

What’s HeroCharacter inheriting from? Is there something in that blueprint that’s doing the rotation?


I have struck upon a solution. Not sure why the keyboard inputs are even playing a role in this issue but they are!

When you setup the project settings → input, just remove the keyboard inputs of UP, DOWN and RIGHT, LEFT.

Check attachment for how it should look. I wonder if someone can explain why the left-joystick on the xbox controller is sending input as if it was the ARROW keys.

Hope this helps. Happy Game Making.