[Issue] Landscape partition in different levels

I made a Landscape. Sculpted it, painted some.
Since it is a larger map, I have moved parts of the landscape to different levels, so multiple artists can work on each part of the landscape without conflicts.

The issue occurs when I try to hide all other levels which I’m not working on and just have visible the levels I’m working on.
But once I hide other levels which have the partitioned landscape, I can no longer interact with the Landscape.

As you can see here, as soon as I hide one level which has a partitioned landscape, I am no longer able to do anything with this landscape, until all landscape levels are visible.

You will notice the warning “Landscape has some unregistered components (hidden levels).”

This is a SS of partitioned levels. As soon as I toggled off the visibility of Landscape_SW, I was unable to interact with the landscape anymore.

Does anyone know a solution for this?