Issue in UE 4.5 : Game in Oculus Rift Mode + TriggerBox = no light

I created room useing VR template for UE4 (textures, animated door, spotlight, footsteps, music, etc). When i am in Oculus Rift mode and go to TriggerBox - spotlight disappear and i dont see any light (in TriggerBox area), only hear my footsteps. If i play in non Oculus Rift mode it is work fine if i go to that TriggerBox area again.

Any suggestions?

Hi @kirilis, I’m also seeing this problem. After some experimentation, I can confirm that the “world goes dark” if you put your head/HMD into a trigger volume (tested with Cube and Sphere triggers). My workaround right now is to make the trigger volumes stomach-level so only the lower body will trigger the collisions. I’m gonna post this issue on the github.