Issue in control static mesh actors' visibility

Hi everyone!

Q1. Is there any way to control the visibility of all static mesh actors in the scene? Since I want to make the model elements appear and disappear at different time frames, so I think I need to loop all of them.
I tried the blueprint below, but the “get all actors of class” cannot connect with the “for each loop”.
I think set visibility and toggle visibility are both suitable in my case.

Q2. Will it be better to execute this code in the level blueprint? Or should I use another type of blueprint?

Try it like this:

Q2: It will work in any blueprint instance with a world context.

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Thank you for your reply. It works.

For Q2, when more and more blueprints are in the project, is it appropriate to execute it in the level blueprint?

I prefer a separate controlling blueprint, for example, actor or game state.

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