Issue importing Slopemaps


My terrain is 32km X 32km units large and I’ve got a nice landscape material for it. I followed Futurepoly’s tutorial: Pro Tips: Creating Terrain For Unreal 4-part 1 - YouTube

I’ve saved out a .bmp map which selects the slopes of my terrain in world machine. In Photoshop I made it a .png, and the size is 32k x 32k, since that’s my total landscape size. This is where my isssues lie. I’m using World Composition. My PC barely handles having all the tiles open, as it’s a rather large map. My PC is brand new, 16gb RAM, 1060 GTX, SSD etc.

Either I run out of system memory and the engine crashes when I’ve opened all the tiles (making the whole computer laggy ofcourse), or if I’m lucky enough to try and import the slopemap, my whole PC just goes black. The terrain consists of roughly 500 tiles, so it would be a pain to assign every tile’s slopemap manually. It can be done and it looks really good, but it would take ages.

I’ve tried:
To set my switch file, I do think that this is the culprit of my PC going black when I try and import the slopemap, due to the PC running out of memory.

Any tips on what I can do? I just bought this computer so a bigger rig is out of the question, hehe.

Anyone? I tried to split the slopemap in perfect percentages (25%) in order to lower the memory usage, and I selected 4x4 tiles from World Composition, in order to apply a slopemap to a smaller portion of the terrain. I’m wondering if I did this simple math wrong though, haha.

I’ve got a 25% horizontal and vertical slopemap. This will be applied to 25% of the map which is 4x4 tiles. The total is 16x16 tiles. It sounds correct to me, but it’s not applying correctly. I am fairly certain that the top left of the slopemap equals the top left of the world composition tiles. I’m confused. :confused:

Bump? Is there any easier solution to this? I tried implementing dynamic slope detection to my master material, but it doesnt work. I’ll link bp if anyone can help me.

Not familiar with the tutorial you linked, but have you tried the method Epic used in the Kite demo? It detects vertical faces and applies a material to them, while the rest of the terrain has another material. Really useful in getting quick layers down on the terrain, before you paint down others or mask them by splat maps.

Oh, I haven’t tried that method. I’ve tried the Stylized Rendering method to apply slopebased materials, but it doesn’t give me as good a result as the slopemasks I’m using. I’m losing the dynamic material, but retaining artistic control in that I can still paint over the layers with whatever I want after applying the masks, which I prefer.

I found an issue. Apparently the whole WM terrain I imported is flipped vertically, making the set loaded levels mismatch unless I work my magic in photoshop. I tried flipping the whole .png slopemask, but that’s resulting in a poor result, as in the mask seems low-res, or I’m still mismatching it. It’s quite a puzzle, I wonder why it happens in the first place.

Do you have any links to this Epic method used in the Kite demo? If the method I’m using would work better with World Composition I’d stick to it, but I just can’t find the patience to sit down and save out 300 .png masks and apply them, which takes about 2 minutes each. :slight_smile: