Issue: flying foliage when painting landscape (UE5 EA)


I have a problem with vegetation: sometimes, it’s a hundred meter above the ground! (UE5)

I have made sure that I have selected the proper landscape, and when the material is painted on the ground but the foliage is positioned 100s meter above! And I can’t fix that: I can’t even delete it!! Have you had this problem? What am I doing wrong? How did you fix it?

Thank you for any idea because I don’t see any reason why this happens.

Try looking at the scene in player collision mode:


( Foliage will paint on anything with blocking collision, and I’m assuming you have a big blocking volume of some sort there… ).

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I do… but when after deleting ALL collision blocks, the foliage remains high above the ground. Nothing is hidden and there’s nothing between the ground and the foliage.

Another idea?

Are you saying you looked in collision view?

Yes, the screenshot shows that.

The only way I have to remove those square foliage it to remove the Landscape Grass Output and the Landscape Layer Sample. And this, even if, currently, the “Tree_LayerInfo” has been “cleared” and “rebuild” (Landscape Paint Panel).

No other ideas, I’m afraid. This is quite probably the cause, as the tool looks for the lowest collision point.

To be clear, are you using the foliage tool, or just grass outputs?

I am using the landscape grass output to scatter “foliage” on a material layer.

I have done something very strange and it may work: in my LGT_Tree, I toggle “Enable Density Scaling” [Scalability] → the foliage in the sky disappears. Then, if I continue painting, it might reappear so I go back to this setting, toggle it again and it disappears again.

Very strange thing. I would like to post a potential bug but I can’t repeat it on demand… so it’s a bit useless for them.

I’m going to update my GPU driver… maybe…

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BTW, thank you for your time. It helped me to dig deeper even though the end result is not entirely satisfactory. Have a great day!


Hi there!

The foliage up above the landscape could sometimes occur in UE4 as well. Something about the collision not updating properly for the landscape.
That said, all you do to remove it, is to create a plane or cube, and move it up to the foliage.
Then the foliage brush has something to collide with, and therefore the flying foliage will be within range for deletion!

Didn’t read the whole thread.

In ue4 with multi landscape or even just one, this issue is common when the map is moved/shifted from it’s original position.

There used to be a console command to reset the offset. (Obviously can’t remember what it is).
Once that’s done you simply paint a block of grass to cause the grass maps to re-create.

The other question is… why are you using grass node for trees?
Sure it’s an easy setup that way, but you’ll have way more control with the (still experimental after like 4 years) procedural foliage tools.

Also better performance.
The foliage tool, hand painted at least, aggregates sections for culling on its own far better than the grass procedural stuff does.

Note that there’s been issues with the grass node too.
For one, you couldn’t disable rtx rendering of it.
For 2, all the grass meshes would pool at the center of the map and always render, causing Gpu hammering.

Not sure what the current situation is on this. Or if they ever retroactively patched .25, .26, or if any change made it into .27

I have been having a much better time using the Nvidia rtx branches vs the ones Epic releases… particularly the last 2 months.
The .27 Chaos branch sort of worked. Sort of. I think it’s just not stable enough yet as the editor crashes too much to work with it.
I take that back. Today’s files for .27 chaos branch actually built and are working stable for the time being… (Jan / 25 - post dates being hidden and all)

You’re right about using tree as foliage. There’s still the same issue with grass, but the fix I found still applies.

Yes, I think I did move the landscape, just as any other actor. Good point! I’ll look into that. Thank you!

I have tested the method of not moving the landscape origin and adding/deleting new tiles. It seemed to work until I did not modified the default density (400) and got my foliage flying again. Lowering the density fixed the issue.