[Issue] Facing Unreal Engine 4.21 crash while working on Physics Simulation


I am working on Unreal Engine project, where I need to do Physics Simulation of Female character. I need to move Girl’s hair with Body movement. But the engine crashes again and again while I am working.

Crash arises during simulation of character’s physics asset and sometimes come about while opening its mesh, physics asset etc.

I have shared Log images of Output and Call Stack.

Here is my System Configuration:
Windows : Windows 10
Ram : 16 GB
Processor : Intel i5 6600K @3.50 Ghz
Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Can anyone suggest me, why my engine is crashing again and again !

Looking forward for assistance !


Did you try to upgrade your project to 4.23.1 yet, this may account for a bug (if this is an engine bug). Also you can use the mesh tool to simulate hair physics, you do not need extra physics assets for it to make it look good. If you plan on updating, make a complete project backup in-before.

Yes I can verify this bug is still crashing 95% of the time opening Physics Assets in particular, and often crashes in other various mesh assets and character blueprints. Pretty frustrating considering the crashes are usually with the more complex files are opened, moved or deleted. I am new to Unreal Engine, about 3 months in and have been experiencing LOTS of crashes on my brand new $2,000 machine. I am using Ubuntu Linux although I also have Windows 10 on dual-boot and UE4 installed on that SSD as well. I even have a 3rd UE4 Wine/Windows setup on Ubuntu and all crashes are mostly random, equally on all setups. All new hardware, all clean installs, latest Unreal Engine. Big disappointment…