Issue compiling plugins for Android. __declspec


I’m trying to compile for android and I’m getting:

error: '__declspec' attributes are not enabled; use '-fdeclspec' or '-fms-extensions' to enable support for __declspec attributes

Comping from the PLUGINNAME_API declarations, which is defined as DLLIMPORT. I feel like I must be missing something obvious? I would expect the DLLIMPORT macro to be empty for android or using the visibility specification instead of __declspec.

Anyone have any ideas whats going on with this? I’ve checked that no where in the plugin is DLLIMPORT being overwritten.


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That happened to me when I copied source files from a project and passed them to a new project. But it lacked necessary things to compile.

Same issue here when I tried to package projects with plugin for Android
Appreciate any help for the issue

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same here

maybe cause of other plugin’s interference, try to disable them

in my case it’ s a plugin i need to use. so i can’t disable it.

Any other plugin other than the default ones enabled?

thanks but nopes. like i said. the __declspec is in a plugin i need. i know it’ s in that plugin.
i would need to actually fix the issue. to use the plugin.

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