Issue: Cloth animation with Mesh Deform Modifier from Blender not working

Hello there,
I recently created a character in Blender which has Armature rigged to the body and the cloth deformed by the Mesh Deform Modifier.
I basically created a cage from a copy of the cloth. Of course I added the body part to an Armature vertex group and the cloth part to a Deformer vertex group.
After rigging Armature to body and binding cloth to Deformer everthing works fine, I weighted, animated, tweaked and cloth is perfect.

But. When I export the file to Unreal Engine 4, the animation works just for the body and the cage (which must be set to invisible or it shows up) and the cloth won’t move, like there’s no influence from the modifier.

I followed this video’s steps:

Do you know if is it possible to export this way to UE? And if no, how can I do it?

Thanks for any answer,

Modifiers like that are specific to the 3D program and aren’t compatible in any other 3D program because they don’t have anything to correspond to it.

Oh **** :frowning: Thanks for the answer.
So, I should either use a different rig for the cloth or weight the cloth using the same rig, right? No other easier and more efficient and good looking methods?