issue changing animation state(mesh drops below ground)

Hello all,

Im currently working on setting up an animation state for in combat( So i can aim my weapon). Everything is working great except when i change the state (via RMB for now) it drops my mesh below the ground( about to the ankle) and then sets it back on the ground. From there it works fine i can walk around aiming my weapon, running etc. and when i switch it back it again drops below the ground and sets back on the ground and works properly. This happens no matter what i set the anim to change to, simple Tpose etc.

Im assuming something may not be blending right

anyone ran into this before?

I can post a video, and some PB,etc if needed.


oddly this happens when i use only specific animations i.e transition from the stock 3rd person idlewalkrun to say the animation starterkits idle ironsight

I believe this issue is addressed and resolved at about the [3:40] mark of this video:…9pvhE&index=75

Please let me know if this does or does not fix the problem. -Thanks.