ISSUE - C4D Corona materials not exported to UE4 with datasmith

Good afternoon,

Today was my first time trying out Datasmith, i built an archviz kitchen scene in C4D, using exclusively Corona materials.
When i “saved project for cineware” and imported everything into my scene, all of my meshes and lights got converted, except all of the materials. the “textures” folder is also not created.
i’ve been breaking my head over this all day and tried exporting different scenes. when i render my scene in C4D all of the materials are present and the C4D Cineware file is in the same path
as my tex folder.

I saw some people online convert scenes with corona materials without problems, am i doing something wrong or do corona materials just not convert?

this is what my unreal scene looks like. i added the point light manually:

got more images to show if necessary.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Bas !

We support Standard and PBR materials with the C4D import, Corona is not supported.
Procedural textures, noise, shaders are unique to C4D and are also not supported.


Hey Antoine,

Thanks for the tip! i saw an article some days ago of a guy who compared the UE scene to his Corona render, he did use 3DSMax though. also saw people talking on a forum about Corona materials converting without problems, just the lights were overblown. do you think its possible to convert from max with corona materials?


You could indeed use 3dsMax as a bridge to bring in your Corona Materials, that would work. :slight_smile:

Cool! i’ll try that then, thanks for the help!

Another question, are there any plans to make datasmith support more renderers etc? going trough the hassle of trying to get my c4d corona materials in max right now, and i cant imagine there being an easier way of doing this. would love to see an easy workflow from c4d to unreal concidering its my main 3D software


just want to voice my +1 request for Corona for C4D support. I don’t know many (actually, none) that use C4D standard or physical workflow for archviz - most are Corona or Vray - seems like an important market segment.


late update: workflow from c4d to max didnt work because its not possible to convert C4D corona mats to Max corona mats sadly :frowning: ended up just importing my meshes with datasmith and building the materials the old fashioned way. since corona + cinema is a pretty popular workflow for archviz, and both vray and corona are supported in max, i hope you guys @epic will concider adding more support!