Issue blending from physics into animation

I’ve got a character going into ragdoll mode and back again with physics blending, this all works fine. I have the root bone ‘fixed’ so it remains with the capsule, while the pelvis constraint has “free” linear movement. When I blend back into animation, the bones fly back to the capsule/mesh location - this is all expected (first 2 physics sims in the video).

However, I cannot move the capsule/mesh/rootbone without also moving the physics bodies. They keep a fixed offset with the rootbone even though the pelvis isn’t constrained to the root (3rd physics sim in the video). Without being able to do this I can’t see how I’d be able to blend nicely into a “standing up” animation. Ultimately, I’d want to be able to position the animated bones directly over the top of the pelvis body, to create a seamless transition.

I did notice that you can “manually” change the root->pelvis offset by using the physics simulation itself. You can reduce the offset by walking the physics bodies into a wall (4th&5th physics sims in the video). So I’m leaning toward moving the root bone to the pelvis within the simulation, then trying to move the pawn actor afterward. I took a quick look through the source, but nothing stood out. I’m not sure whether that fixed offset is a bug or an intended feature, maybe I’m just missing a setting somewhere?

Here’s the video demonstration:

Hey Kristiamo,
did you have any progress on this since you asked this question?
I am currently working on blending from ragdoll to animation and I am facing the same problems.
I thought maybe detaching the mesh from the capsule → then move the capsule to the pelvis → then attach again (keep world position) → blend from physics to animatino and blend mesh position root back to capsule with the same timeline as the physics/animation blend.
Is this the right way to do it or do you have any other ideas?

Last question: How can you make the bones visible while playing like in your video?
Regards, Joey

I made progress on this and also found a bug (I think): You see the bug report here: (Helpful screenshot of blueprint inside on how to get out of ragdoll)

How to blend to animation , can give me an Example, thanks.

Not sure if this is still relevant, since it seems to be an old question, but i posted a solution here: Ragdoll 101 tutorial series - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

I watched your overview video and the first in the series, and it looks like you have this sorted. I stopped working on it a while ago, but it looks like moving the capsule every tick does the trick (instead of trying to freeze it, then teleport later on like I was doing).

Thanks so much for making that tutorial series. I haven’t watched the rest yet, but I like the way you illustrate each problem you face, then show the solution to it, very well structured. Also big thanks for finding all the questions and threads it might be relevant to, and informing everyone.

Thanks, very useful for me.