Issue assigning widget to cliets in multiplayer

Hello UE4 community! This is my first post here.

I have made a modular trigger system in UE4 for a few weeks now and I am having some trouble making a widget visible for the client players in multiplayer.
It works as expected for the hosting player.

I am fairly new with creating GUI/widgets in UE4 but I did manage it to show up properly for the player running the server using “get player controller at 0” and connecting it to the create widget node. I sucessfully assigned the widget to the first player but the widget does not show up for the other players in multiplayer.

The script is not run in the actor itself but in a separate blueprint. I would prefer the blueprint to be that way if it is possible, just to keep it more clean if using it for other projects.

I have tried to cast to the player actor and player actor pawn from my trigger actor to get the controller ID and put it in create widget that way but it did not work.
It does only work for the first player/server owner when entering player controller 0 and connecting it to the create widget function, but I am unable to make it show up for the other players.

The code is supposed to make a text visible when a player should be able to interact with the trigger system actor and it works, the widget just wont show up for the clients.