Issue after today's forum maintenance

When back from maintenance today, my link to access my forum messages/thread followup are place at top left and the mouse click there is not working, leaving me without a way to look into (there are 3 messages there already)


I am having the exact same problem :frowning:

Getting this issue as well.

Its only a problem in Chrome, with Firefox it works, I think it works with Explore too, but I did not try to login.

It is a classic bummer and basic rule when working with web, always test with different browsers and common versions.

Im using Chrome indeed… not looking to use anything else thou.

#1. Quoting appears broken (in Firefox anyway): ‘Error Fetching Quotes

#2. Still can’t flag Spam in Official Epic Threads. This looks esp dangerous.
C’mon Epic, enough of this security suicide. What was this upgrade about?

#3. BTW: Topbar Messages Link didn’t work in Chrome at first, but now it is.

Quoting not working in Chrome too :-/ aff Im a forum addicted… can’t fullfill my addiction now ;’(

That explains it, I was wondering why that moved. Thought it was my browser. =P

Same here. @Amanda.Bott there are problems with using the forum with Chrome. The bar that used to give access to the Message Box is not showing properly and the messages are inaccessible from it.

the topbar (messages) is also broken in Edge :smiley:

Our web team is looking into these issues. Thank you for reporting them.

If you open chrome in an incognito mode, the message notification is on the upper right hand side and works properly. I think it’s something being blocked/disrupted by popup blockers like uorigin(what I use).

Hey guys,

Sorry I have been out at a show the past few days. Let me catch up on everything and I’ll look into the problems going on.



I’ve spoken to our team and they are working on resolving the issue with quotes. As soon as this is fixed we’ll let you know.

Thanks for reporting it!

is it only me or are topics never marked as read anymore? even marking the entire forum as read fails

It’s only you :frowning:
Nothing is marked as read…

Quotes are one of the issues, there are more: the Messages short cut in wrong place and not being able to click on it, the messages are not being reported as read anymore, all thread shown as not read… what did happen with our forums? We thought is was only a maintenance…

Now it looks fine in Chrome from here with message placement and access. Though personally I would always prefer another browser.

I use Chrome and it does not work at all.

Yeah I’m seeing the same issue, where no threads are marked as read anymore.