Issue activating examples in ContentExamples learning project

Hello UE4 community. I am trying to look at the animation examples in UE4 Content Examples. When I try to spawn in a level it spawns me outside of the room as if its colliding with something and pushing me outside. If I use one of the pawns by changing default pawn in world settings some of them work but I cannot activate any of the examples by pressing the left mouse.
Someone please help, thankyou.

Change from play at camera to play at default player start or viceversa and see if that helps.

Otherwise I would think that your controller or some other type of input is being given to the editor. If you have controllers just unplug them and try again.

I tried both of your suggestions. Neither seems to work. When I switch the default pawn to “3rd person pawn” and a few others like “BP_Spline Pawn” they work but a handful of others spawn me stationary unable to move the character or look around or they spawn me right outside the wall of the map.

edit: although i can use some of those default pawns I still cannot activate any of the functionality of the examples with them.

So, what if you switch to play from current location with the 3rd person pawn?
obviously navigate mid-map before you hit the play button…