Isn't detecting UI input after drag and drop

I am trying to make a movable window and I normally open and close it using the tab key. I do this through looking for tab in my player character bp and then when I click it, the input mode is set to UI only and the focus is set to the window. When both of these are true, the window will look for tab to be pressed and close it if true. Now when I move it I basically do the exact same thing as in the drag and drop operation documentation except after I finish I set input mode to UI only and I set the focus to the same window but when I click tab it doesn’t receive any input. It doesn’t even recognize there’s any keys being pressed in the UI on key down function. Anyone know how to fix this?

UPDATE: it isn’t because the input isn’t focused on the window, it’s just not calling the input event for whatever reason and now I’m even more lost than when I began.

i am guessing the TAB event is in a bp other than the UI so if you set the input mode to UI only it won’t be called. To call that event you need to set the input mode to the game and call the UI functions from there

The TAB event is placed in my Inventory Window WBP as well as my player controller, so it does work as a UI only event, it worked before I added drag and drop functionality.