Islands gap setup for auto Lightmap UV generation

Hello Epic!

I have a request for StaticMesh import process.

It would be great, if there is an option to control minimum gap between UV islands, when Generate Lightmap UV is on.

That would be very usefull for objects with small lightmap resolution.

Here is a simple model with generated lightmap UV’s.

64 resolution, same map

As you can see, gaps are very small, and light from one island may intersect with another islands because of small resolution. And this will cause artifacts or seams. So it would be great, if there was a way to control those gaps.

Thank you!

P.S. I know, that I can make Lightmap UV manually, but this possibility could save a lot of time to someone, who does want to create clean lightmaps, but without increasing lightmap resolution or fixing his lightmaps manually.

I second this request.