Islandmap not appearing

Since about two updates ago I can’t get the main map to load properly and as a result is this: noisland.JPG

Another side effect of this is that many assets seem to be missing such as the basic grass textures and the like which used to happen but they would appear again once I loaded the standard map. I’ve gone as far as completely erasing the devkit from my computer. Anyone else had similar problems? Any advice to give?

I havr the same problem, the only hing I can see is water and some sand. I doesn’t start compiling shaders and when I play in the editor the program freezes.

Seriously need some help on this. I can’t do anything till this is fixed!

go into level load landscape sublvl into ur main lvl

Edit check here

Warning: Loading it can take a very long time and cause lag if u dont have a good pc

Thank you!

It sort of worked? Still some textures acting weird, disappearing from their folders now and then…

What you mean with textures disappearing from folders? oO

As in I’ll be using the grass texture on my terrain then later try and use it for an object and its no longer there till when I try again the next day its suddenly back.