Hey everybody :slight_smile:

A while back I shared my island project. (old version can be seen here:

Three months ago I picked it up again for my graduation project. It is still a work in progress so there are untextured models and placeholders in there.

Software used:
Maya, Unreal 4, Substance Designer, Photoshop and NDO.

More progress shots can be found here:

As always, comments and critiques are appreciated.

more pictures:

start on using shadows!
Use a dynamic directional light that is movable! :3
And dont bother with Building light… as it always gives mean artifacts and tkes ages…

well, i should build lights to see my shadows, right?

Im sry i forgot:

Go to you light preferences in the WORLD tab.
Finy: Force precompile light or so… uncheck it. Aboie the checkbox should be a resolution value 1024 if you dont find it.
After that build light one time. Will take seconds.
Now add the directional light and make it movable.

doing that deletes all my shadows i had baked after my last build, but it does not replace it with new ones.
The light is moveable and i checked the box ‘Force No Precomputed Lighting’ (mine says ‘no’ for some reason).

so all my dropshadows are gone with this method.

Do you have andy shadows now or is all black?
And we can reanable the drop shadows with some fancy SSAO later ^^

Just focus on the directional light now.

Impressive modelling! I agere it would be improved by lighting and shadow work, right now it seems fairly flat.