"Island of photo-scanned rocks"

I grabbed my camera and took bunch of rock photos, then procesed them in agisoft photoscan and
after fast clean up and texture preparation process i used those assets to make this small level.

Great work Piroman! It definitely has that tropical feel to it. The rocks look fantastic in the scene. Keep up the great work!

I also like the mood and the tropical feel! Just to give you some feedback on the rocks, if you wouldnt have said they are scanned, I would not have seen it! I dont want to sound harsh, but they dont look that good in my opinion and definitely lost all of the flavor the real rocks that you photographed had in the beginning. Would be cool to see some of the photos you took to give you better feedback on this. But right now, they look like a rough sculpt with some tiling textures.

I worked a lot with scanned rock data recently for our project, and there is definitely a lot of room for improvement :slight_smile:

Again, dont want to sound harsh, just want to give you some unbiased feedback^^

PS: I cant show you the whole rock, but I can show you a small tease^^…this is some scanned rock stuff I have been working on:

Looks good.
Did you do anything particular with the foliage shader?

no it is just standard sss with tweaked opacity (depth) same for the trees

Yes i know those look bit wrong. usually those 3d scans look best with diffused light, but when you try to produce highlights (wet material) there is just not enough detail to get correctly shaded surface, unless i take couple hundred photos per model to get good quality normals. in this case i produced additional normal from color map and merged it with baked one. However, you right i guess i might try spend some extra time processing photos to get more complex base geometry.

I’ve played quite some time with Agisoft, my lens motor died :((( But… tell me is it hard the work after you finish with Agisoft? Importing them into the engine? Do I need some modeling and texturing skills for that? Or there’s a easy way to do it directly from the 3D scan results of Agisoft to UE4

Great Stuff!!!

Did you tryed any other Programm?

I experienced that agisoft`s softweare tends to make really smooth Meshes without much details. And its expensive.
Maybe you have a look at VisualSFM and MeshLab (they are both free), i need maybe 50 Photos for a modell with has as much details as a modell made with 100 photos with Agisofts software, and its much faster:D.

I need for one (60 photo modell) about 45 min. till its usable in UE4.

Nice Photogrammetry-ing


i use z remesher to create fast optimized geometry before that it is good idea to inspect high poly model in 3d package to delete/fix overlapping geometry

You need al lot of photos with good lighting to get small details to show up in final model, in this case i used my cell phone camera so the results are not that great. the cool thing ASPS is the fact that it is very complete package for example i scanned my shoe top part then i flipped it and scanned bottom that gave me 2 chunks that i was able to stitch together with help of markers at the point cloud stage, and then generate triangle mesh from merged scans

Nice work. Creating large realistic rock features is trickier than a lot of people realize.

Great stuff Piroman! I just posted a small beach scene myself! Mine has a bit of a different feel than yours, but your project is very clean. Keep it up!


good work! is thre any tutorial about clean up and texture preparation process that you make in your case? or can you write downe some simple instructions or sme tips