for some off reason one of the floating islands now kills you instantly if you come near it. Even if i player start in the editor. I die instantly.

Not sure what happened but I checked all the meshes that make the island and nothing is set on killing you or destroying anything.

has anyone else experienced this?

I added a new canyon piece just to see if i’d spawn and I died. then I moved that new pcs to a whole new sublevel to test if that would work. I still died.
so now I think its something in the water maybe. or in the area…but i cannot see any volumes in that area at all in my editor.

This is a serious issue as the map is live and this was working until I assume most recently.

ok seems to be a height thing, i’ve lowered the height of the floating island and that seems to have worked. but its odd because my blocking volume ceiling is much higher

Did you alter the min/max z height value in the world settings? If you want to add floating volumes, you’ll want to adjust them, to allow players to fly on creatures.

Doesn’t the “Kill Z” determine this? From what I know, that value is reflected both positively and negatively(so the one value dictates both directions on the Z-axis) so once something attempts to pass it, the game will kill them.

If it is, as you say, a “height” thing, then the Kill Z seems to be the most appropriate cause and solution to the issue… it should have nothing to do with blocking volumes.


Akukiyo and Woeful…thank you SO SO much for the direction…its sorted YAAAY