ISelectable - RTS-Style Units Selection

Hello there! Glad to announce about about ISelectable system realese!

ISelectable is a powerful system allows you to add RTS-style selection box in your project. It also provides an action-menu which you can easily expand and add your own actions. Actors can have different types and be able to do different actions. You can easily create your own action and implement your own non-trivial action behaviour for any type of actors and it will be appear in action-menu. There is a smart selected actors list which displays selected actors icons and event sort it by type. With its help you can manipulate selected actors even easily! For example, you can select all actors with the same type by just double clicking on single actor.

You can find more information and images on UE-Marketplace!


Hello everyone!
Less then 24 hours left for 20% discount and after that price will be set to normal!

ISelectable successfully updated to UE-4.21!