Isabelle - A horror game made from scratch in 7 days

***Isabelle is a short first person horror game set in the fantasy dark ages where witches are feared by all. *** Download here](Isabelle by Kindred)

Follow the grizzling story of Isabelle, the daughter of a renown baron, through journals left behind throughout the game by her father’s adviser. Discover her past in the dark tunnels she has called her home for the last 20 years.

This game was made in 7 days for the Optical Jam #8. All the art assets were created by me within the jam time. The music and soundscapes were created by Chloe DeMello specifically for the project and the sound effects are from various packs, purchased from (A fantastic source for affordable sound effects) Controls (Listed in-game as well)

LMB/Right Trigger (hold) - Pick up objects

RMB/Left Trigger - Use held object (keys and journals)

Esc/Start - Pause game (limited pause menu for now)

Tip: You can carry the candles. You should carry the candles. You are really gonna need a candle.

I stream most of my game development at Twitch - Primary project