Is working with dlls a good idea or is there another solution?


I was wondering, since I am currently working on implementing a project which is almost entirely inside ddls, why is there so little information on how to work with dll?

I have followed those tutorials:

and with the help of those topics:

I managed to link a dll and use it in my project (show a message/do some math), moreover, I can now change the code inside my dll without restarting the Editor (The dll needs to be freed by the Engine and by windows, as the last topic shows), but it has been a real challenge to get those results.
And now I need to create Unreal Engine objects (Actors, Objects, Components) inside my dlls, but I can’t figure how to connect the unreal API. Is there a way to call the UBT in a dll, or can I do it without the UBT (I don’t think so, every Objects have their macros from the UBT…)?

The idea of using dlls is to be the most independent from the Editor as possible.

However, the lack of information on that subject makes me think that another way of achieving my goal exists, but I have no clue how and I am very interested to know if it does exist.