Is Widget Blueprint Capable of making a static Hud

I am trying to make a hud using only images to piece it together. I see that there is an animation outline but it only allows me to apply certain animations to key points (like scale,shear, etc.). I need a gem to appear when the player picks up this gem I have set up (the blueprint is already set up for that). Is there a way to make the gem communicate with widget blueprint to make a gem appear in one of the boxes I have three images total, one image that is basically a ruby, one that looks like a ruby but only half red and then one that looks like it has been drained of it’s color. If there is an easier way could someone let me know. Moderator not sure if this is the correct area for post.

To clarify I mean a hud that is not intractable and just there to update information. For example I need to add an image when the character picks up a gem.

Yes. It’s completely possible. You can even use animated textures/flipbooks and drive them at runtime.

Is there a descent tutorial for this? Cause I am just not understanding. I have the basic pause menu created and everything but the hud is a nightmare. If so can you give me a link?