Is WebRTC supported in the experimental browser?

Hi there,

I have been experimenting with the UI experimental browser feature and seeing what kinds of features the browser supports. In the online documentation, I can’t see which browser this UI Widget feature is based on. Is it a particular build of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)? If so, is there a way to find this in the source code so we can extend it (or update it)?

In particular, what I would like to know is will the browser support WebRTC? I have tried using the experimental browser to log into several WebRTC applications, but none of them seem to connect and display shared video or audio from the person on the other side. The site will load, but audio and video shared by other participants in the call will not. I tried using these two demo WebRTC apps: and

I also can’t seem to find a way to give permission to the website to have access to my PC’s webcam or microphone. Ideally, this would be a nice feature for folks who want to take advantage of WebRTC’s low latency video and audio sharing.

As a side note: When looking at the release notes for Version 4.12, one of the fixes mentions WebRTC on the PS4. This is the only mention of WebRTC I could find anywhere.

And before anyone asks, yes I did look into Coherent GT and BLUI, but neither of these are the built-in experimental browser. That is the browser I am asking about.

UE4 use raw CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework - Wikipedia) which is web browser engine taken off Chromium (Chrome practicly, also note that web browser engine is thing that displays website in the browser) and it seems it does not support WebRTC out of the box, it something that browser using CEF need to implement.

I find this, it mentions some 3rd party patch to WebRTC in CEF, if you skilled enouth you might try to experiment with this:

This ofcorse will require engine modification or rether 3rd party lib of CEF that is in there and try to rebuild it

Thanks for the reply! Do you know where the location of the CEF files are in the UE4 engine directory? If I wanted to modify and patch the CEF files to support WebRTC, where do I need to look in my local directory?

You could also look into Unreal’s XMPP integration: here.

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