Is VXGI available?

Got my GTX 980 and i was wondering if VXGI is available in UE4.

Nope. Since the source is released to all of us, it is hard to include third party software/middleware.

If you want to use it in a project then you have to contact Nvidia and see if you can work something out.

Thats sad. Wish they released it. :frowning:

As darthviper107 said…i think we’ll contact Nvidia to see if we can work something out. But i highly doubt if they deal with indie companies.

Don’t forget that VXGI is specifically for GTX 900 series cards and higher. That will narrow your target audience to pretty much nobody, and if you’re going to target hardware that high end, the game should look like a serious AAA title.

Especially considering AC: Unity min specs are a GTX 680, and they had a 900-person team :wink:

The inide projects in here probably have some long time frames. Often up to 4-5 years, I reckon. The world will be very different by then :slight_smile:

I was watching a video about VXGI where Tom Petersen from NVIDIA explains a few things beyond the usual marketing restricted stuff and goes a bit into the processes behind the scenes of this tech.

While doing so he also says very clearly that VXGI is also capable of running on other GPUs besides Maxwell, he specifically mentions Kepler and AMD in general.

The video can be found here: and at time frame 52m42s to 53m40s.

Nonetheless I might just contact them about it…can’t hurt to ask, can it? :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’re implementation only works with Maxwell cards, but if they give you the source you could probably modify it so that it works on other cards as well, unless you have to sign an agreement that you won’t do something like that.

From what I have heard VXGI is technically possible all the way back to the 6 series, can’t remember the article right now but was on Tom’s Hardware I believe.

Whether you would want to actually try releasing a game with this tech for the 6xx series is another matter entirely seeing how expensive it currently is on a 980. :wink:

From what I’ve read online, you can try to get into a special beta of DX12, UE4+VXGI “IF” you meet certain criteria. I think the implication here is that wider UE4+ VXGI support will be released at some point in the future. But since it’s basically a lighting model improvement buried deep in the engine & back-end, it shouldn’t effect your game development much if at all (depending on whether you depend on lighting-dependent things like hiding in shadows, etc)

There’s a nice demo video of Fable Legends using UE4 + DX12 on YouRube if you’re interested

In other words, write your game now and it ‘should’ (if I’m reading between the lines correctly) look even more amazing some time in the future.