Is Voxel Cone Tracing gone?

I read in an article this:

“First, for all of us who originally fell in love with Unreal 4 because of the real-time Global Illumination…its gone! I.e, the current version of Unreal 4 has scrapped real-time GI.”

So is it true?! I think it is not true, the article is lying.
But I want to be sure, that UE4 has SVOGI.

Here is the article again:

As far as I know UE4 now uses Enlighten which doesn’t use voxel cone tracing. I think that there is no real-time GI at the moment, at least I couldn’t find a setting for it.

But I think that there was screen space “global” illumination as a post processing effect.

Maybe directional occlusion.

But, If we have full code access. I think we can develop the voxel cone tracing again.

UE4 doesn’t use Enlighten.

UE4 has lightpropagation volumes as seen somewhere in the forums. They are still Work in Progress and are prone to severe leaking issues.

If i remember right they use Beast for LightMass.

I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes.

No, they don’t. Lightmass is a fully in-house solution.