Is using excessive amounts of resources

Your forum video code is broken too btw…

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Not much else to say really other then to… FIX YO <SNIP! - mod>

mine usually uses 2 percent cpu and about 50-60 mb memory, 0 percent cpu if minimized and its open all the time, i only ever have 2 engine versions installed though, i noticed from the video you have alot of engine versions installed maybe it uses more cpu to monitor them who knows, might be worth trying removing some engine versions, i open alot of old projects with 4.10 and 4.11 prev no problem, whatever it is doing it is something to do with your setup though

Hey EliteLurker, I have changed the title of your thread. Not because its bad or directly against the rules (could be a bit misleading), but I want to get this issued resolved for you and having the most accurate title will help facilitate this!

Can you give any other details that would maybe help epic?
Full specs for your computer/OS Version? Have you tried a clean install in a different directory? etc…

Well I think the OP is being a tiny bit disrespectful :stuck_out_tongue: all things considered Epic is doing a great work overall but I can understand where the frustration about the launcher comes from.

I’m always forced to close the launcher since there is still no option to disable the auto-launching every time you open a project.
Also, leaving the launcher open and not minimized is definitely reducing the fps for me! I doubt this is hardware related, it’s just how the launcher is.

I don’t expect the launcher to be redesigned any time soon (I would rather Epic focus on things that matter) but the option to prevent it from auto-launching needs to be there at least.

Hi all,

Launcher resource use has been discussed a few times recently:

As I’ve mentioned in those threads, we are working towards some improvements to Memory and CPU usage, although we are now looking at the update occurring some time in February.


Have to agree , my meory / resources get sucked up like dust in a vaccum
Something definitely needs to be optimized.

Me too, I’m suffering high GPU usage instead, had a memory leak that was probably patched.

Bugs like this should be fixed ASAP and should be the top priority for any developer. Unfortunately, it’s taking you guys ages