Is unused content packed in the final package (export)?

Well, the question is pretty much in the title :smiley:

My problem is that i haven’t been very tidy during the process, and to go back and delete unused textures, meshes etc would take a day or sth… so? :smiley:

Unfortunately it will include all assets -> so it’s always good to keep the project tidy :slight_smile:

Good to have a confirmation, I was wondering this to!

Cooking and packaging will only take the used assets (based on the levels you are cooking)

It should only take used assets, but for example in the case of the starter content, it just includes the entire package :slight_smile:

Ok so there are different opinions about this, I see…

That’s interesting :slight_smile: So how does it really work? :smiley:

I personally do it like that

  1. create a blank project
  2. migrate the levels that you need

Now you just have the used content in your project :slight_smile: