Is unreals UCX collision system bad, or am I bad

Hello, I am at a loss. I once thought to myself, collision wont be too hard, unreal engine is huge lots of people use it. Now Im a week into trying to apply simple collision to my level modeled in blender. I come from a BSP background where level collision was the least of your worries.

**I will tell you how Iv’e approached this so far **

  1. I’ve modeled a moderately detailed building in blender along with a small outside area to complete the level.
  2. A majority of the geometry is made of planes (Walls are two planes spaces apart to simulate the thickness, floors, ceilings)
  3. When it came to collision, I tried unreals auto collision, which did not work well at all.
  4. I decided to block out a separate UCX object in blender to mirror exactly my walls and floor.

So, now all the walls are one object(Which I didnt want to end up doing) to accommodate the UCX collision.
When I import the walls model with the collision, unreal completely destroys it. It adds many gigantic collision block to the model. The UCX that was imported is there too with random missing parts of walls and such.

I have auto generate collision off.
I have One convex hull per UCX off.

I am positive collision, if done right, is not hard. I am positive I have done something very wrong in the process of modeling and workflow.
So I ask, What is your workflow for applying collision to a pre-modeled blender scene? Or pre-modeled any scene.

PS: I know there are some major unreal/ blender wizards out there, if you think you can do this easy, let me know and I might have a job for you here.
Another question you might be able to answer is, Would it be better to skip collision until after I’m done making the scene look pretty with my materials and stuff? **

Here are some pictures of what Unreal generates, and my UCX in blender.


Thank you very much.

You can try using complex collision as simple instead: Simple versus Complex Collision | Unreal Engine Documentation

I use UCX all the time in 3ds Max. Usually I gray box my level work and once I’m happy with the layout and scale I’ll tub in the major areas using simple box forms. The trick in 3ds Max is individual objects can share the same name so I could have something like 200 UCX_World_Collision collision objects bound to a single World_Collision proxy object.

The only problem I run into with any consistency once you have imported an object updating the UCX collision is a bit tricky in that the object will update but not the collision information when trying to re-import. Fomr time to time you nee to do a clean import after fixing the redirectors

WOW! Now this is certainly getting me on the right track. Thank you!