Is Unreal's 3D space infinite?

I’m just wondering if I can place objects in Unreal Engine and make them light years apart from each other. The question really is: “Can I make a full scale galaxy in Unreal Engine?”
Or does working with such distances can cause trouble?

Thank you!

If you just want to put the whole galaxy into engine directly ,the answer is NO,Unreal has limit of world
The macro, WORLD_MAX, define the size of world. In my engine ,the value is:

  #define WORLD_MAX					2097152.0		/* Maximum size of the world */

If you using some way to manage your world ,the answer is YES

For example, Unreal support combine many maps into one world,and the world’s origin can shift depend on where player is.This feature called World Shifting, you can get more information at this doc:

Then to make the world like a galaxy ,you need to manage worlds by yourself.Maybe you can write a manager in game.There will be many points to solve,such as how to load and unload each planet.

I haven’t develop system like you said, but I have listen to someone who did using Unreal Engine 4. So if you want to know more, you can put comment or send email to me at

Thank you very much! ^-^