is unreal99 music copyright free?

right now im not going to, but in the future if i want to use the unreal99 ost in my YT videos, do i have to do something (like contacting them and stuff) or is it copyright free?

If you wanted to use music from any of those games in a video you’d need to get permission if you wanted to monetize and avoid a copyright strike, though they might not notice

Not anymore.

what do you mean by that?

and if i dont want to monetize?

The post was based on the context of the post. If someone talks about the use of copyright music in a public forum, then it’s a little more unlikely for the interested parties not noticing it. Am I right?

oh oksy. but if the vid wont be monetised is that ok?

No. You case it’s not fair use, so you can’t without permission.

окаy :frowning: