Is Unreal the best solution for adventure 3D games? (beginner)

I am so excited that I’m installing UE4. :slight_smile:
I am downloading it to learn something about the videogame’s world. I have studied C++ and C#, and I’ve some basis about game engines, I can model in 3D and I can create textures, but I’ve never used a game engine seriously and I’ve never merged my skills toghether.

Assuming that I am not alone and that I already have all the 3D models, audio ecc, it is possible to create adventure games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Prince of Persia, ecc? I mean, without considering the quality of the graphics, a game where your character is agile and can climb and grabble ledges, jump, climb ecc.
Unreal is the better option for these kinds of videogames?
I’ve read a consistent part of the manual of Unity, but I want to try Unreal too.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Yes, you are only limited by yourself.

Thanks, my doubt was if it was more indicated for a specific kind of videogames and less for others (maybe the one that I’ve menitoned).
Ok, thank you.

There’s no limitation, you can choose to start off with a template such as 3rd person if it basically fits what you are looking for, or an empty project that does not make assumptions. You aren’t locked into anything by starting with a template, you can change what you want. The 3rd person is probably what you want to start with though.

no such thing as “best solution” but its a very good solution.

There’s no reason on a technical or engine level why you wouldn’t be able to make a game like that in any modern engine really. Unreal will do just fine.