Is Unreal right for this project?

Completely new to here and to unreal in general. Also programming in general, so please don’t hurt me.

I’m a videographer and have an idea for a program that would generate photo montages without the need to go into AfterEffects/Motion or hassle with their crappy templates. What I’m thinking of would allow users to dump images in and ultimately generate a photo montage. That’s grossly oversimplified, but I know the other treatment/visual steps I have in mind can be done in Blender so they likely aren’t a real issue in Unreal.

I guess my question is this: is Unreal the place to create this standalone app/program where the user inputs are images and then there are sliders/toggles/radio buttons and finally at the end it generates video files to the user’s device?

I couldn’t find anything about this in the forum, though I was under the impression Epic plans for Unreal to power more than games. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for reading and cheers to the community,

Using UE for this sounds a bit like blowing all your life savings on a Lambo and then just parking it at the back of the house. Yes UE can do far more than games. But not sure this application makes sense… But hey see what others say, maybe I’m missing something.

I’ll take that as a “yes.” I’m unsure if Unreal can be pared down enough for it, so it is a stretch in that sense. Repackaging Blender might be a better fit for its smaller install, but I was hoping Unreal’s ability to port between devices would be a boon. Something that can render images efficiently with various effects and then compile them into a video file is the base of what I’m looking for. The interface will be fairly graphical so pseudo realtime rendering would help and it’ll need visualization for the BGM audio file so people can place keyframes efficiently. Definitely not complex and faaaarrrrrr from AAA, for sure.

A lot of first time posters don’t even follow up, so you’re more motivated than most. :wink: Suggestion: Have a look at loosely related projects to see if its something that really interests you and that you’re really motivated about. Example. You can also hunt around on the Marketplace & Github to see if someone is working on something else that overlaps.

While it’s possible to do with Unreal, it would not be practical.
Also, since Unreal is a high-end game engine it would mean that your users would have to have a pretty capable system to run your tool much more than would actually be needed.

You need to use the right tool for the problem, and Unreal is not the right tool for what you’re wanting to do.

Haha! You replied before I could remove my snark, so I appreciate the wink. I initially looked around in the marketplace and through the forums, but just couldn’t find anything really related so figured I’d ask.